Hey there!

Hi, I’m Broghan, lover of books, all things Hallmark Channel, sparkly pink and Christmas. When I’m not watching Hallmark or reading, you can find me in my classroom teaching away as an elementary autistic support teacher.✏️📓 Welcome to my book blog!

Happy Memorial Day!

First off, I want to thank everyone who gave there lives for our freedom this Memorial Day. This is truly what it is all about.🇺🇸 Next…HAPPY UNOFFICIAL KICKOFF TO SUMMER! Woohoo!!! Hear is to find in the sun, pools, picnics, sun tans and warm weather. The whether hear has been crazy lately. Cold and rainyContinue reading “Happy Memorial Day!”

Sunshine and Books

This week, I check off my May challenge. A New York Time Bestseller. I went back and forth between two books this week and decided purely based on the weather today where I’m at. One book took place in Hawaii and the other in Spain. Today’s weather is a high of 90 degrees and sunnyContinue reading “Sunshine and Books”


We are well into May now, and it’s the end of the school year. 15 1/2 more days to go!!! Let the chaos continue! May is always a busy month at the elementary school, we have Thon, field day, reward days, field trips, IEPs and everything in between. This week, we even built a classContinue reading “Readaholic”

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